RV Wax


Sterling RV Wax provides a long lasting deep high-gloss protective shine. Once applied, future cleanings and removal of dirt and black streaks becomes easy.


About RV Wax by Sterling Wax

RV Wax is designed to provide a long lasting, deep, high-gloss protective shine. Depending on environmental conditions, Sterling RV wax can last many years before the need to reapply. Anyone covering their RV’s for storage, know that the uncovering and prepping process is a time consuming project. After one treatment, the removal of dirt and black streaks becomes easy to remove. 16 ounce spray bottle.

The application is simple – shake, spray, and shine. No waiting for wax to dry, no buffing, just spray and wipe. Safe to use on fiberglass, gel coat, clear coat, aluminum, glass surfaces, and decals. Once RV Wax has been applied, future cleanings become easier. Just rinse off the RV with clean water, no need for harmful soaps and detergents anymore, leaving you more time to enjoy your RV!

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Sterling Wax

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Weight 1.5 lbs

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