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Pure Colloidal Silver is the finest available in 10ppm and 20ppm Colloidal silver and is a great natural antibiotic, thanks to its antimicrobial powers.


About Pure Colloidal Silver by Lectra Labs

Pure Colloidal Silver is the finest Colloidal Silver available in 10ppm and 20ppm Colloidal silver is a great natural antibiotic, thanks to its antimicrobial powers. It turns out that this isn’t a recent finding – silver has been used since ancient Roman and Greek times to preserve foods and drinks! While modern medicine may not adopt the benefits of colloidal silver just yet, more and more studies are showing this tonic deserves a place in any natural living enthusiast’s medicine cabinet. Pure Colloidal Silver has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and has been used by many ancient civilizations as a means to maintain health. Before the mainstream discovery and acceptance of antibiotics in the early 1900’s, silver products were used by doctors. These earlier versions of silver products are not to be discounted because they indeed provided countless favorable benefits to those who used them to improve their health.

Both 10 ppm and 20 ppm CS uses STRUCTURED distilled water, making conventional colloidal silver obsolete.  STRUCTURED colloidal silver is up to 40 percent more effective than ordinary Hydosol and conventional colloidal silver. Structured water makes a colloid that is many, many times better than one made with ordinary distilled water!  What’s more, this silver colloid, being made from a water that more closely resembles the water found within your body and its cells, is assimilated much more rapidly and thoroughly – and is thus, more effective.

How Has Colloidal Silver Been Used?
True Colloidal Silver is a century old healer. It’s been knows to help cold, flu and sore throat. It’s been used to treat eye infections and ear infections. It has the ability to soothe burns, cuts, and scrapes. Because Colloidal Silver is natural anti-inflammatory, it may help to reduce swelling and repair inflammation in the skin. Use colloidal silver topically to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation and swelling, speed up healing and aid recovery. Eliminate sinus infections. Colloidal silver may be used to treat infections due to yeast; bacteria (tuberculosis, Lyme disease, bubonic plague, pneumonia, leprosy, gonorrhea, syphilis, scarlet fever, stomach ulcers, cholera); parasites (ringworm, malaria); and viruses (HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, herpes, shingles, warts). Colloidal Silver is not just For humans! It can be a fantastic natural remedy for our four legged friends too. Click the More Information tab for more uses of Pure Colloidal Silver.

  • Well known and safest 10ppm and 20ppm Colloidal Silver.
  • Ultra high quality nano particle amber Colloidal Silver.
  • Highly calibrated manufacturing process.
  • 100% Bioavailability Premium Colloidal Silver.
  • Made in Michigan USA to the highest standards and the lowest nano particle size.
  • Caps are sealed for tamper proof safety.
  • Lectra Labs guarantees Colloidal Silver is vegan and gluten free.
  • Pure Colloidal Silver is available in 4 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz size
  • Complete money back guarantee if not totally satisfied.
  • No prescription necessary.

All the Benefits Without the Blue?
Not every silver product is the same. After countless years of research Lectra Labs has created the finest Pure Colloidal Silver. As a result of this extensive research, they have learned a lot about silver and how it functions. A nanoparticle content more than 50% of the total silver is a true silver colloid. True colloidal silver is never clear like water because silver nanoparticles absorb light at a wavelength of 400 nm causing the liquid to have an amber color when observing a light source through the liquid. The darkness of the amber color is a general indication silver nanoparticle concentration. Through months of development, Lectra Labs has created a miracle product that tastes good!

How does Colloidal Silver work?
Colloidal silver can kill certain germs by binding to and destroying proteins – read information about True Colloidal Silver, below is an excerpt:

The Truth About True Colloidal Silver
The term true colloidal silver was coined by the Colloidal Science Laboratory (CSL) during the 1990’s to describe a silver colloid whose silver content consisted mostly of silver nanoparticles vs. silver ions. To qualify as true colloidal silver the concentration of silver in the form of nanoparticles must be a majority of the total silver content (more than 50%). Total silver includes both ionic silver and silver in nanoparticle form. Silver concentration is determined using atomic absorption or atomic emission spectroscopy and is expressed in parts-per-million (PPM). PPM is a ratio of the mass of silver relative to the dispersant which is water. For example, 10 PPM means in one liter of water there is 10 milligrams of total silver content. True colloidal silver therefore refers to the percentage of silver in the form of nanoparticles being the majority of the total silver concentration. It does not mean that the product has any particular total silver concentration. A true silver colloid can technically exist at any silver concentration as long as the majority of the silver is in nanoparticles. By comparison, ionic silver products typically contain 1 to 10 percent nanoparticles, far less than true colloidal silver. Because these products are mostly ionic silver they are simply referred to as ionic silver.

Colloidal Silver for Weight Loss?
Scientists recently discovered that low-level bacterial infections can do more than simply cause infection. In some cases, they can cause you to gain extra weight. Could colloidal silver help you lose excess weight by destroying the fat-causing pathogens in your body? The truth is, it just isn’t known for sure, one way or the other. But there are some interesting anecdotal accounts of weight loss that began spontaneously after colloidal silver usage.

How Much Colloidal Silver Can You Take Safely Each Day?
According to the Silver Safety Council, the formula for determining your maximum safe dosage level if you plan on using colloidal silver DAILY as a nutritional supplement is as follows:
silver calculation

First, multiply your body weight by 12. And then divide that total by the ppm of the colloidal silver solution you’re using. For example, if you’re 125 pounds, you’d multiply 12 times 125 = 1,500. Then divide 1,500 by 10 (ppm), which is 150. So at a body weight of 125 pounds, you can safely take 150 drops of colloidal silver per day, for your entire life, according to the Silver Safety Council. That’s a little bit over a teaspoonful a day.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pure Colloidal Silver is also available in Vanilla flavor. Healthy never tasted so good!

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Colloidal Silver is nature's ancient alternative to cold and flu medicine! Lectra Lab's Colloidal Silver is made right here in Michigan to the highest quality standard and lowest nano particle size of pure silver in the industry. Available in 10PPM and 20PPM using STRUCTURED distilled water, making conventional colloidal silver obsolete.

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