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Faceted and colorful, each genuine Puddingstone Earring is unique. The wire wrapped dangle earrings are adorned with Michigan stone accent beads. These beautiful earrings are light weight and the facets sparkle in the light.



About Puddingstone Earrings by Riverstone Gallery

Faceted and colorful, each genuine Pudding Stone Earring is unique. The stones are approximately 1/2″ wide and wire wrapped. The dangle earrings are 1 3/4″ long from the top of hook. They are adorned with Michigan stone accent beads and surgical steel nickel free silver hooks. These beautiful earrings are light weight and the facets sparkle in the light.

Ready for gift giving, the earrings are packaged in a gift box with a descriptive card about Puddingstone.

About the Puddingstone

Michigan Puddingstone, also known as pudding stone or plum-pudding stone, is a conglomerate of pebbles and stones that vary in color from red to brown and pink to purple. These stones are surrounded by white quartz that took millions – some say billions – of years to cement itself around these pebbles. On occasion, diamonds, gold, platinum, sapphire, and zircon have been found in Puddingstones.

The name “puddingstone” was first used by European settlers as the rocks were said to “look like a plum pudding”. In North America, pudding stones are most commonly found across Michigan, around the Ontario peninsula, and less commonly on the surrounding coastlines of the Great Lakes.

Because pudding stones are so prevalent to Michigan, there is a small industry of making novelties out of the rock. Pudding stone jewelry is becoming more and more popular. These special pudding stones have been passed down by Michigan families for generations. Many people also like to collect pudding stones just to admire their unique colors and patterns. The tradition of looking for these stones is as old as the state, and is as sturdy as the pudding stone itself.

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