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Limited time only – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! The antimicrobial Kooty Key is a hygiene hands-free, germ-free tool used to avoid germs on publicly used handles and keypads. Retractable carabiner included.


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About Kooty Key Germ Free Tool

This is the one and only ORIGINAL Kooty Key Germ Free Tool since 2015! The Kooty Key is a Trademark product. If it doesn’t say Kooty Key, then it isn’t a Kooty Key. Be aware of cheap knock offs made of inferior materials and are not antimicrobial! In addition to the door opening capabilities, the antimicrobial hygiene hand stylus helps the user avoid touching other public devices such as key pads at gas pumps, ATM machines, elevators, retail checkout payment pads, and slot machines.

This antimicrobial tool is also used to avoid nasty germs that are prevalent on publicly used handles, especially bathroom doors and handles. The strong nylon plastic can open most any weight door. This allows you to avoid using your hands to open public doors, thus avoiding whatever nasty germs may be lurking on that surface. When using a public restroom toilet, instead of flushing the handle with your hands or feet use the Kooty Key! A retractable carabiner and badge retractor are included to make it readily available.

Germs lurk everywhere and Germaphobes can now rejoice! Just hook this little device to your key ring and you have a germ-saver with you wherever you go. Even if you aren’t a “germaphobe” (someone who is overly concerned with the potential dangers of exposure to germs), you’ll love how easy it is to avoid nasty germs in public areas with the hygiene hand tool. Use the HOOK END to open doors. Use the RUBBER TIPPED END to push keypads and buttons. The Kooty Key has antimicrobial properties to ensure that it is NOT harboring dangerous microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and will NOT be a vehicle for the transmission of germs. The rubber tip does not incorporate anti-microbial properties. It is recommended to wash or disinfect the tip as needed.The Kooty Key can be cleaned with disinfectant spray, wipes, or dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Public building entrance doors and public restrooms are found to be the worst place with the highest concentration of germs due to the number of people entering and exiting. Even after washing your hands in a public restroom, you will re-contaminate them the second you grab the door handle to exit the restroom. Public key pads such ATMS, elevator buttons etc, have also been shown to harbor many strains of germs near the same levels you would find on a door handle or public restroom toilet seat. These areas are all hot-spots for various harmful germs.

Use this germ free tool instead of touching:

  • Door Handles
  • Mailbox Handles
  • Toilet Handles / Flush Buttons
  • Slot Machine Pads/ Pull Handles
  • ATM Keypad
  • Payment Machine Keypad
  • Elevator Keypad
  • Gas Pump Keypad
  • Trash Cans
  • Vending Machine Buttons
  • Cross Walk Buttons

The Kooty Key comes equipped with a carabiner clip and badge reel. Or attach a key ring, belt loop, retractable badge in the opening. The Kooty Key is a hands-free, hygiene, germ-free utility tool at your disposal!

Great for a Germaphobe
Bought a set of Kooty Keys for myself and my mom since we are both germaphobes and my mom has an immune disorder that puts her at higher risk of getting sick. We often use our coat sleeves to open public doors or push elevator buttons and now that we have these, no more touching the germy spots on doors, ATM machines, elevator buttons, or credit card pin pads! The Kooty Key is made of plastic and has a rubberized end for pushing buttons and attaches easily to your keys so you have it handy to use. They are also very easy to clean by wiping it with an antibacterial wipe every once in a while.

Good for those with a fear of germs
This is a wonderful product! I have a couple family members who have germaphobia and this has been something they use as well love. I would recommend it.

Great for the germ phobe in your life
Great for the germ phobe in your life! I love not having to touch elevator buttons, open nasty door handles, or hold onto the bus rail. Lots of comments about how gross it is, and that you put it in your pocket after use, but think about this for a minute; you put your hands in your pocket before you wash them! I just wipe my mine down with a disinfectant wipe.

Can’t afford to be sick? Take control of the objects you touch…get a Kooty Key and keep the odds in your favor. Virus causing bacteria are all around us. Every door you open, every handle or keypad you touch has “a little something” left on it from the person who touched it before you. Why take chances when the solution is so simple? The Kooty Key, simply put, is the “Key To Germ Free Living”.

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Kooty Key

The Kooty Key Germ Free Tool is a touch free hand tool used to avoid nasty germs that are prevalent on publicly used handles, buttons, and especially bathroom doors.

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