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The Auto Seat Gap Blocker blocks the gap between the front seat and the center console. Never lose anything down those annoying seat gaps again! Includes 2 blockers for driver and passenger sides. Universal fit…fits any vehicle.

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No more losing cell phones, keys, credit cards, money, french fries, jewelry, makeup, etc., between the front seat and the center console. The Auto Seat Gap Blocker keeps items from falling down the spaces between the front seats and center console. Made of highly flexible coated foam, custom-shaped to best fit all vehicle seat gaps. The Auto Seat Gap Blocker fits all vehicle seat gaps, guaranteed. It moves with seat movement, never dislodging. It’s liquid-proof, and wipes clean easily. Pushes down into place in seconds, and, once there, blocks anything from falling down the gap. Shadow-black color, as all seat gaps are shadow-black, whatever the vehicle interior. The Auto Seat Gap Blocker is sold in pairs, for driver and passenger side.

  • 2 units per package
  • Keeps keys, money and other items from falling into the gap
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Guaranteed to fit your vehicle
  • Slides with your seat
  • Never needs to be readjusted after installation
  • Suitable for passenger and driver side uses
  • Makes it easier to keep tack of very small items
  • Reduces driver distraction/accidents
  • Black color is inconspicuous
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1 review for Auto Seat Gap Blocker

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Barbara Janik

    We bought a set of Gap Blockers and couldn’t be happier! I was always loosing things between the seat gaps and now my problem is solved! They are hardly noticeable in my car, because they are shadow black and I am also happy that they slide back and forth with the seat when I move it. They were easy place in my car, too. I also feel that the Gap Blockers double as a safety precaution. Now, when something drops, it falls right where I can see it. I can simply pick it back up. I don’t have to take my eyes off the road, or injure my hand digging for it somewhere in the abyss between the seats. I am very happy with this product and will order more! THANKS!

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