Traguardo Wallet

Get your groove on and carry cash and cards in style. Say goodbye to the traditional bulky leather wallet. The Traguardo Wallet is the most ergonomic and user-friendly metal wallet built to last. It has a patent pending technology for superior retention and extraction of cards and cash. The black and gray models are surface treated with type 3 Anodizing. Type 3 is the most durable technology available for coloring metal and it is beautiful. Type 3 is typically used on cookware, industrial, and other applications. The Electric Blue and Flashy Red versions utilize Type 2 Anodizing. Type 2 is more durable than paint and produces the most lustrous colors.

  • Unlike other metal wallets, cards and cash go in and out easily and won’t fall out.
  • Capacity for 1-10 cards. Or replace cards with folded bills.
  • Lightweight and thin.
  • Key Fob Attachment
  • RFID Protection & Looks
  • Engraved Initials
  • Made in Michigan, USA

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