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In your choice of gemstone, the Gemstone Aromatherapy Earrings are adorned with a lava rock for mood enhancing aromatherapy. The gemstone earring is corded on natural hemp and strung on .925 sterling silver hooks.



About Gemstone Aromatherapy Earrings by Boho Jewelry Chic

In your choice of gemstone, the Gemstone Aromatherapy Earrings are adorned with a lava rock for mood enhancing aromatherapy. The gemstone is corded on natural hemp and strung on .925 sterling silver hooks.

These aromatherapy earrings are available in an Amethyst Earrings, Amazonite Earrings, Labradorite Earrings and a Citrine Earrings. The gemstone size may vary as each stone has its own characteristics and no two are the exact same. Earring drop size approximately 1 3/4 – 2 inches in length from hook to bottom of lava rock stone bead. Typical size of gemstone is between 5-8 mm per chip. Lava size is 6mm.

Each Gemstone Earring is adorned with a white pumice stone lava rock turned bead formed from an erupted volcano. Due to the porous nature, this style of lava bead has widely grown into a popular aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils to enhance mood. For this benefit, just add one or two drops of essential oil onto the lava bead. Let dry before putting on so that no irritations develop on the skin. Essential Oil not included.

Matching gemstone necklaces and bracelets are available.

In folklore, amethyst has been used to guard against drunkenness to encourage sobriety and thought to overcome addiction. Said to encourage love, spirituality, protection and purification. Some say it is helpful in cleansing the energy field of negative influences and attachments acting as a barrier against lower energies as well as geopathic stress and unhealthy environments. Some put under the pillow to attribute to restful sleep. Gurus believe it to be associated with the crown chakra opening your highest self and connecting with your truth and say to balance the lower chakras first. Used in yoga and meditation for transforming negative energy to love energy and peace. Zodiac sign for Aquarius and February birthstone of Pisces.

In folklore, amazonite has the potential to enhance a person’s creative and intellectual quotient and clear the mind with self-confidence and to be bold to follow dreams into manifestation. Self esteem and overall confidence of the bearer is enhanced as well as alleviating fear and anxiety. It is said to settle down your tensed nerves and helps you create a world of serenity. It was reputed to control evil thoughts, increase intelligence. It is said to be a protector of electromagnetic fields from things that radiate such as from computer, laptops and microwaves. Gurus say that this stone opens the heart chakra as well as tuning the throat chakra to remove blockages and is sometimes used in meditation and yoga. In zodiac it is said suit Virgo, Aries, Leo and Scorpio.

In folklore, labradorite is said to be the stone of protection against negativity, helping with sadness to assist with mourning as well as stimulating the imagination and relaxing the mind. It was also said to be the stone of magic, spirituality and preventor of unwanted energies. Some say it relieves stress and anxiety and that it can help in cleansing toxins and balancing hormones. Shamans believe it can work wonders to seek and acquire knowledge and to stay grounded. Gurus say its good for activating the throat to flow communication within the body and to express ones self freely, also the third eye chakras to perceive your true destiny. Zodiac stone for Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

In folklore, it is said that citrine is one of the only stones that doesn’t retain negative energy, but deflects it instead. Said to be associated with willpower, determination, improving clarity, removing negativity, going with the flow, confidence, success in business situations, calmness in challenging situations and balancing emotions. It is known as the money attraction stone most likely due to the gold color. Some say placing in a cash register will keep money flowing. In feng shui it protrudes cheerfulness, energy and light through out the home or room. Gurus believe it to be associated with the 3rd chakra in balancing clarity including ones thoughts and how one perceives themself and how others perceive them. Zodiac for this gemstone is associated with cancer and Leo.

(Gemstone information is for entertainment purposes only)

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Grey Labradorite, Golden Citrine, Blue Amazonite, Purple Amethyst

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