Peteet Cheesecakes

IMPORTANT: These is a perishable items and must be shipped expedited. Our product guarantee will not be applicable if the appropriate shipping is not used.
Because of the perishable nature of cheesecake, we require shipping that will assure delivery within 2 days, regardless of season. FedEx shipping will be used for Peteet Cheesecake products.
For customers outside of Michigan’s 1 day or 2 day shipping zone, 2 Day shipping is required (see FedEx shipping map here). At all times cheesecakes are shipped on Monday through Wednesdays so they don’t sit in uncontrolled environments over weekends. We also adjust shipping when holidays would result in packages taking longer than 2 days to deliver. Please understand that these policies are to assure that you receive the freshest, highest quality products possible.

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